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  1. I played that game to death, it was 97/98 but the version I had Alexandersson wasn't at Wednesday at the start, but he was always one of the players I signed, turns into an £8/9 million player (£14/16 million is Ronaldo prices). Lucic - DC Curtis - DC Emmers - MC Claudio - AM/RL Svindal Larsen - MLC Nevland - SC Alexandersson Some of the players that come to mind that are available at the start, will sign for almost anyone, and can win the Champions League. If you're a low league team, they'll have big club release clauses. But if you never play them, after about 4/5 months they'll sign new contracts without the release clause, then you start playing them.
  2. People like it because they're modern men. And wearing pink proves their masculinity, because they're above the chest thumping macho bullcrud. Men liking pink is essentially a virtue signal. "Hey look at me, I'm a man in pink, that means I'm above those old, limiting stereotypes, pat my back". It would look great if it was yellow.
  3. Well, I know he's not going to get sacked anytime soon. And I'm not about to start calling for it to happen. I'm just saying that I don't feel it is going to work. I would love to be optimistic, and like I said, my mind can be changed easily, I just don't expect it will. And I feel no shame or reason to pretend I feel otherwise.
  4. No panic from me, I skip that now and go straight to apathy. But I do not believe Darren Moore will get us out of this league. I've made up my mind about that now. I hope he changes my mind, my mind is very easy to change, but I'd bet money that he doesn't change it. New squad, time to gel, blah blah, yea Carlos faced that too, but almost instantly made us look good, and was playing Arsenal off the park within about 8 weeks.
  5. Because we were playing so well before the break.
  6. Turner made a squad, Sturrock got them up. Megson made a squad, Jones got them up. Moore made a squad...
  7. It was his second spell wasn't it, when he done the business.
  8. Don't know about that, but parachute payments will end just in time for us to not get them, just like they started right after we needed them.
  9. Our most expensive signing, he was obviously in decline, a manager that didn't want him, a side that didn't need him.
  10. PaddyPower not currently offering any odds on them getting relegated.
  11. Happens to everyone on there. Twitter is the most toxic gathering of humanity in the history of our species. Unreconcilable cesspit.
  12. I need Rotherham to go down and Everton to finish in the top 6 to complete my pre-season bet and take a little positive from the season.
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