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  1. OWLSTALK - OFFICIAL SPONSOR OF LIAM PALMER 21/22 SEASON The deal has finally been done. I've just got off the phone to the club and (thanks to all the members of this amazing online community) we are now the official sponsor of lifelong Owl (and one of us LIAM PALMER A few Liam Palmer facts Liam Palmer is our longest serving player Palmer began his career with Sheffield Wednesday when he was just seven years old. Aside from a loan spell at Tranmere Rovers, he has spent his whole career with the Owls, being used in various defensive or midfield roles and making over 250 appearances for the club. Palmer represents Scotland at international level. He played for the under-19s and under-21s and made his senior debut in March 2019. Having progressed through the academy, Palmer appeared three times as an unused substitute throughout the 2009–10 season. Following this, he signed his first-year professional contract He was also awarded the club's Academy Player of the Year Palmer made his debut for Wednesday on 10 August 2010 in the League Cup first round match with Bury, which ended in a 1–0 win at Hillsborough He has scored goals for the club, made assists for other players, scored penalties in penalty shoot outs and has done so much for our community off the pitch too. He went out on loan to Tranmere Rovers to get some experience under his belt and established himself there in the starting lineup and on his return said: "Reserve team football can be very useful but going out on loan means you can get first team games under your belt. Obviously from my experience, that's the best thing to do and I would advise any young player to do the same because it stands you in good stead. At first I was a bit sceptical of going out on loan and it can be daunting but you've just got to roll with the punches. That's what I did and it has paid off so far" Liam has played in any position that has been asked of him whether that be right back, left back, wing back, centre half or central midfield. Liam Palmer grew up supporting Sheffield Wednesday, the team where he eventually started his career Palmer also set up his own football academy called Palmer School of Excellence, based in Worksop. The aim is to boys and girls of all ages and abilities the opportunity to play football and develop their social skills. So basically this lad has supported Sheffield Wednesday all his life like you and me and is Wednesday through and through. He has dreamt of playing for his beloved football club (SWFC!), then gone out, worked his nuts off, worked his way up the youth teams since he was 7 years old and made it happen He's gone on to even captain this football team on a few occasions which he has done capably, proudly and successfully. He's established himself as part and parcel of the first team, plays a really substantial number of first team games each season, contributes to clean sheets, contributes to goals, and even scores the odd one himself. And he's done it professionally, quietly and calmly. I couldn't think of anyone more fitting that we (as an online community) could sponsor in as much as he's part of the Sheffield Wednesday community, he's one of us, he's been a lifelong owl, he's spent his career at Sheffield Wednesday from the age of 7, he's still here, he's set up his own community academy and he's done more for Sheffield Wednesday FC than any of us could ever imagine. So it makes me proud to announce that Owlstalk is the official sponsor of Liam Palmer AND - A few Owlstalk members will be attending the annual player dinner on behalf of Owlstalk, and sit with Liam on the evening having watched the first team train and will get to meet Liam Palmer and the players. You will also get a commemorative photograph taken with him.- more details of all that coming later.
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  2. As some of you know on here, I’ve mentioned a few times about the disappointment of my lad failing to show any interest in Sheffield Wednesday, or football in general to be fair. He’s always been interested in other things, mostly his Playstation, for literally years. Took him to a game a few years back, and he fell asleep across three seats. Since then, not shown an inkling of interest. In fact, my daughter has been to more games than Joe. So a couple of days ago, now 15, he says “Dad, can I start going to the football with you if you’re going to watch Wednesday this season”. Well, you could’ve knocked me down with a feather. I don’t know what has brought this on other than a few of his mates at school mentioning they go to the football with their Dads, but I wasn’t going to discourage him was I? Might’ve taken until now, but I’m so proud of him. I went with my Dad when about 4 or 5 years old, and we were rubbish at the time I recall, would’ve been about 1970 ish, so not much has changed. I’ve warned him we’re not in the Premier League, we’re not in the Championship, and we’re not that good at the moment, but he simply said “That’s alright Dad, I just want to go to watch some football matches”. So off the back of this, I’ve today bought two season tickets for us. Not had one for years. I doubt we’ll get to see all the games but what the heck.. So proud of him for carrying on the family tradition (though I feel guilty that it may seem like child abuse if things don’t go according to plan this season). Well done for seeing the light son. So proud of you.
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  3. "They will have a chance of promotion. Darren [Moore] knows the league, he had Doncaster in the playoffs when he left, on a small budget," Waddle told bettingexpert.com. "He’s been signing a lot of young players. Bannan stayed, Hutchinson stayed, there are two or three experienced players there who’ll help them enormously in that league. "His loans will be key. The club are battling on and Darren’s doing a good job, not moaning." "The club is a shambles at the minute. Chansiri needs to go, he needs to put the club on the market and sell it." "He has not got a clue how to run this football club" "He had two years to try and get out of the Championship, and when they didn’t get out with the playoff final and semi-final, his budget was gone. He had a two-year plan to get to the promised land of the Premier League and it didn’t work. "Look at players who’ve walked out of the club on free transfers: Jordan Rhodes, worth £6m or £7m, Adam Reach, worth £5m or £6m, Forestieri, who was worth £13m or £14m. They’ve signed a lot of old players through agencies, who are on good money and their legs have gone. "The recruitment, the organisation, the way they treat the fans, the prices. Chansiri has been an absolute nightmare and the sooner he goes the better."
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  4. Imagine the surprise when all 24 are sharing the one room.
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  5. Delete if not alloud So when I started doing videos on wednesday it was becasue neil found my videos on youtube and gave me the push to do it. I know my videos are not everyone cup of tea and I get that but tonight I just hit a big milestone one the channel at the start of the year I hit 1000 subs I now I just hit 1,500 I know it only about 20% who are subcribe to the 70% that are not sub but thansk for giving me the push to do it and give me some routine back in my life after getting FND. Gave me somthing to do and drive that I can do somthing when I was at one of my lowest times in my life
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  7. I'd take him if we'd stayed in the Championship. In League One, it's an absolute no-brainer. He's a cut above our current options.
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  8. Today is the first home game open to fans since the whole pandemic started Many of the staff today around the ground will be brand new, never worked at a game before etc There are going to be teething troubles They might serve your beer slowly, we might run out of pies, the stewards might not know their way around the ground as well as you do. Please - don't come on ranting about these things after todays game This is a big day for the club, it's a big day for the fans, and there are 100% going to be teething troubles Anyone who comes on and cries about anything that wasn't perfect today will be disregarded as just a bit of a d11ckhead Be patient with the club, let them take their time with your beer, if they sell out of pies, don't cry and spit the dummy out like a baby, just buy a burger. The learnings from today will help SWFC understand what's needed for the coming season and help the club identify things that need sorting so it will be a really useful and helpful day for the club. Most of all have fun and come back happy that you had a day out at Hillsborough again Thanks
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  9. Already too many crocs in Australia.
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  10. Plymouth post match comment: Darren Moore - “We’re going to get games like that through the season” Sorry, not acceptable. I’ll caveat what I’m about to say with the following. Fact, it’s very early days for this newly assembled team. We can almost certainly improve and I do think our squad has genuine quality in it. I’m not a fan that “expects” to win, but like most of us I do expect to compete. As I posted a couple of times pre-Morecambe we will lose games across the season, it’s just essential to bounce back quickly from setbacks and prevent bad runs. Once again, by no means should we expect to beat anyone in this league. That being said, yesterday……… Attitude, It wasn’t our biggest problem but I want to touch on it first. I had hoped to never see us roll over against mentally tougher teams again, but despite the early season sound bites around team spirit and togetherness we showed none of that yesterday. Our attitude was wrong right from the kickoff, we were totally off the pace and never truly met the tempo that Plymouth dictated on the game. More worryingly, we didn’t look like a team that had just spent 2 weeks on the training ground, we looked more like we’d had 2 weeks on the lash in Magaluf……. Many of our away games this season are going to be similar to this, the big boys arriving in their flash pink shirts, crowd and opposition pumped up to get in our faces and send us packing. We have to deal with this mentally. Based on yesterday, its a real concern. A good start has already become an average one, the next two results go against us and all of a sudden it’s a poor one. I didn’t see anyone exhibit fight, a refusal to accept defeat, belligerence in the face of adversity, there was none of that. As a fan, that always cuts deep. Tactics, our main problem…my god. This was always my biggest concern around Moore. He’s clearly a good man manager but he needs some assistance tactically IMO. How are we trying to play? We don’t really do anything well, we just look like a pub team sent out to just play football, no intent, no evident style or tactical approach. Several games in and the only real patterns to our play that I can clearly identify are negative ones I’d want to change. Playing out from the back, a disaster currently, we are consistently asking midfielders to receive average passes, at pace, facing our own goal while under a press. We aren’t good enough technically or tactically to do this. If we continue, every team we play will simply follow the Plymouth blueprint to unnerve and destabilise us. Our wide and forward players are so isolated, so far they don’t appear to have the pace or creativity to increase our goal output how they are currently deployed. We have to be smarter and more creative, hopefully a fit Windass and Shodipo will add some much needed flair and creativity. We have good central midfielders, nobody can tell me otherwise. But, they need to learn to play together and be in the right combinations. Too often yesterday the opposition were able to progress the ball all too easily because we were all too deep. Another consequence of this is the lack of support our forwards get, again isolated. We really missed Adeniran yesterday, he can support the attack and has the athleticism to progress the ball on the ground. In general we need to be more compact, vertically and across the pitch. Giving possession away too cheaply. Please, make it stop….this has been an issue for several seasons. Poor under the press and worse still the unforced errors, I can’t recall any other team that concedes so much possession. Substitutions, at least they came quicker than they have been. One dimensional, Moore’s idea of a tactical change seems to be to replace one player with another and ask him to do the same thing…… I posted previously that the stats suggested we’d overachieved in the first few games, that’s levelling itself out now because we aren’t improving. We are already tactically predictable, easy to disrupt and yesterday even easier to dispatch. That Plymouth side has been bang average up to yesterday and whilst I don’t doubt they are better than that we made them look much better still. Like I said, I expected us to lose games this season because we were out thought by experienced lower league managers, I didn’t expect us to be out fought as well. It’s a worry that in-spite of the seemingly close bond Moore has with the players, they were capable of delivering such a spineless and lacklustre display. That it was so early in the season with places up for grabs only makes that worse in my mind. The manager has had the plaudits for his recruitment in the face of real adversity and that was all fair enough. It’ll be in vain though if he doesn’t significantly improve in a tactical sense. Once you lose the crowd, all the perceived improvement around how the club is being managed, the feel good factor that has been generated to some degree is all at risk, it’s that fragile. PS: Full disclosure, I did buy my iFollow season pass right before the Morecambe game and this could clearly all be my fault…….
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  11. Went to the evenng with Darren Moore last night, great interview by Rob Staton. Its the first time Ive seen Moore in action, rather than just a few post match sound bites. He comes across as completely genuine, knows his stuff, and you can really imagine players wanting to give their all for him. Ive seen a few WBA fans say he was all Plan A - and if that wasn't working he didnt have something to fall back on - and that may be true as we haven't really seen enough of him to know any different. But given his performance last night, I'm fully behind him and really hope he can succeed with us this season. Hes done incredibly well in a transfer window where hes been limited to freebies and loans. He did point to the standard in Div One being higher than its ever been - and that might hamper any chances we have of challenging next year. Personally I'd be absolutely delighted with mid-table - given the absolute mess we were just a few short weeks ago. So. As soon as we are allowed, I'll be buying a ticket. To support Darren Moore and the team of lads hes put together against the odds. Chairman can still FO
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  12. "Ahh, there you are. What news?" "Well, Sir, another busy week for the manager. Not only more players through the door, but also attending a Q&A which has impressed all who were there." "Yes, there's something about this cove that's hard to put the digit on. But he seems to have that likeability. Of course, likeability doesn't mean much in football does it..." "What's wrong with being likeable, Sir?" "I don't know, just how it seems. There seems to be a link to being unlikable and successful doesn't there? I mean to say, I never really liked old Red Nose, but his record at Old Trafford is phenomenal and something we probably won't see the like of again. Don't really like Mourinho, but again his record is superb. Well, except possibly at Spurs, but then, whose record is good there?" "Bill Nicholson, Sir?" "Exactly, 60 years ago!! Yes, being likeable doesn't mean much in this game." "True enough I suppose, Sir. look at Wilder." "I'd rather not! There's an unlikable an egg as you'll find and a face that could turn milk to yoghurt from 400 paces. On a dark night." "Do you really think there's a correlation between being unlikeable and being successful, Sir? Or is it perhaps more likely that people who are successful....just become unlikable to their unsuccessful rivals during and after the event?" "By Zicos safe! That's an excellent point, Stubbs! Get to the end of the season and Moore is still likeable to us...and yet hated by the opposites....that would surely mean we'd had a successful season. Wouldn't it?" "Quite possibly, Sir." "Excellent! "Shall I get the Champagne out, and the HMS pee the league meme?!" "Good grief Stubbs, we only used it last week! We're not using it again so soon are we?" "We have no choice really, Sir. Hargreaves has slashed this seasons meme budget. I don't know if you've looked in the top drawer. But we've got some really old ones to try and rehash." "Let me see.... .....man alive. What are we supposed to do with those?! Ok. Ok. Get the boat meme back out!" "Very good, Sir" Nigel Adkins, who replaced Lee Bowyer in March, took charge for the final 10 league games of last season, losing only once. However, the Addicks narrowly missed out on a playoff spot by goal difference, finishing in seventh place. The 56-year-old has been a popular appointment among the Charlton fanbase, with his man-management skills and nous for working with young talent seemingly a perfect match for the squad at his disposal. New owner Thomas Sandsgaard plans to invest in the remaining weeks of the window, adding to the five signings already made this summer. All five are set to feature in the matchday squad this weekend for their opening fixture against Sheffield Wednesday, a side they last faced just two years ago in the Championship. Charlton lost on both occasions against the Owls in 2019-20, but that will not be in their minds on Saturday. The Addicks will fancy their chances of claiming all three points on home soil as they look to kickstart the new campaign in style. CHARLTON WEDNESDAY Darren Moore now has a huge task in getting his new players to gel quickly, with a strong start needed if they are to have any chance of bouncing back into the second tier. Wednesday have won each of their last three meetings against Charlton, scoring seven goals in the process. The Owls Boss will need to decide who gets the nod at centre forward, with new signings Florian Kamberi and Lee Gregory both joining the club.
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  13. Good job we had the foreskin to sell the stadium before they closed the loophole, then. I mean foresight.
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  14. 31 years ago today I married this beauty. Being a season ticket holder, I had hoped when we booked our wedding 18 months previously that Wednesday would be away on this date And hopefully on returning from honeymoon I would only miss one home game As it turned out I missed two, we were at home on my wedding day against Hull City, and what a game I missed We thumped them 5-1 with Hirsty scoring 4 But I have no regrets about missing the game, I married a simply awesome woman We are still together 31 years later, and still very much in love, she unifies my universe Anyone that knows me will say that I married way outside my league, and I have no shame admitting this I've often said I used all my luck up in one go when I met this woman, and it's true Anyway, I just wanted to share my joy with my fellow Wednesdayites on what will always be a special day for me So here I am opening my heart and proclaiming my love Happy 31st anniversary Sir David Hirst
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  15. Clean sheet Point against a very very physical side Our first point of the promotion season New lads first run out and did well Team gave everything today Coped with Stockley (other teams won’t) Good start! Well done Wednesday
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  16. Just back after a 600 mile round trip from Sidmouth. Brilliant weekend, we were nowhere near as bad as some on here made out. Not great quality but missed some really good chances and could have edged it. Team not quite gelling yet but so much more desire and enthusiasm than in the last couple of seasons. Met some great Wednesdayites over the weekend, drank too much, ate to much and reminisced about the good times way too much. Loved it! Never let the 90 minutes of football spoil the trip, we’d all be fooked if we did. WAWAW
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  17. "What on Earth are you doing here at this un-Godly hour Stubbs, I thought it was your night off? "The new season kicks off tomorrow,Sir. There's a matchday thread to do" "Man alive! Is it that time of year already? Ugh! Mores the pity. I've been enjoying the Olympics and a rest of the gloom of Hillsborough." "Oh, I thought you might have been a bit more positive with the recent additions." "What recent additions? I thought we were under Umbongo again" "No ,Sir. Players have been incoming" "And what ex-Premier League, over-the-hill, 30 something , injury ravaged mercenaries have we had palmed off onto us this time?" "None, Sir. It would appear Darren Moore has been in charge of player recruitment." "Really?!" "It would appear so ,Sir" "Who've we got?" "Bailey Peacock-Farrell from Burnley" "Three from one club, that's awfully kind of them. I've a lot of time for old Dyche, always said it. Decent egg." "Bailey Peacock-Farrell is just the singular, Sir. A goalkeeper." "Oh..." "Jaden Brown, Dennis Adeniran, Olimide Shodipo, Lewis Wing, Korede Adedoyin, Florian Kamberi" "Good Lord! I haven't heard of most of these!" "Here we go..." "Fantastic!" "Really ,Sir?" "Absolutely. this is what we've needed for ages. Younger lads, not household names. Lads willing to put in the hard yards and make a name for themselves in the game. This is just what we need. Oh yes, this puts a much more positive slant on things. Much more. Crikey, any of them a pacy young striker" "Well, more your modern forward, Sir" "Eeh dear, I can just imagine old Guru looking down with a grin on his dial" "I'm pleased to see your joy Sir" "I'll say. Now, off to the cellar Stubbs, bottle of the best stuff. It's time to raise anchor and send her on her way!" "Oh, Sir, whilst you're in such good spirits you'll be delighted to know we have a new kit too. Made a by a proper Sports kit manufacturer. Macron. Italian firm" "Italian? Superb! You can't go wrong with the Italians when it comes to sartorial elegance Stubbs. Can't go wrong. You'd better get another bottle to help me celebrate this too! What a day. Not a negative in sight. Here ,show me the catalogue while you nip to the cellar" "Here you go ,Sir" "What the hell! Cancel the bubbly, Stubbs, cancel the bubbly! Ye Gods, those sleeves. Are we a Brighton and Hove Albion tribute act. Holy Mary mother of God. Cancel the launch. Cancel the launch. Drop anchor. Drop WEDNESDAY -V- HUDDERSFIELD TOWN Darren Moore has suffered relegation with Sheffield Wednesday and been required to recover from coronavirus before eventually returning to the touchline. When also taking into account the club's financial turmoil, Moore would have been forgiven for walking away from the Owls, but he has instead taken on the challenge of trying to revive a fallen giant. Moore and Wednesday have had to bide their time before making new signings as they prepare for one of the most competitive League One campaigns in recent years. Nevertheless, the departures of many key players have been counteracted by the loan arrivals of Bailey Peacock-Farrell and Lewis Wing, players from Burnley and Middlesbrough who should be playing higher than the third tier. While those signings are a statement of intent, the return of defender Jack Hunt could also prove key at a time when Wednesday desperately need to find some stability. WEDNESDAY PROBABLE : Carlos Corberan will feel fortunate to have been provided with a second campaign at the John Smith's Stadium, but he has been provided with the freedom to make much-needed changes to his squad. Although the Spaniard has brought in a mixture of youth and experience, there is real excitement over the arrivals of Chelsea youngster Levi Colwill and Norwich City winger Daniel Sinani. Both players may need time to settle to life in the EFL, but there is optimism that Corberan and his squad can only improve after finishing in 20th position last season. HUDDERSFIELD PROBABLE: "Erm, Stubbs?" "Yes Sir?" "Where's the big letters?" "The big letters, Sir?" "Yes. The big letters. Y'know. The big blue letters. We always finish with the big blue letters. "Come on the Wednesday." Big font. Blue. That sort of thing. You remember" "Oh, yes ,Sir. Mr Hagreaves has cancelled them,Sir" "Cancelled them!" "Yes. I he blew the budget on some new poster badges." "Right!! I'm meeting him tomorrow for breakfast. I'll soon put him right on that score" "Oh, he's cancelled that too, Sir" "The meeting! You never said" "Oh no ,Sir. Not the meeting. Breakfast. He's cancelled breakfast full stop. As an actual thing. From existence" "I'll kill him!" COME ON WEDNESDAY
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  18. So many new players. Not been this excited for a new season in ages. But IF we have a slower than ideal start to the season, let’s not revert to type & turn the air around the club toxic again. If we win our first few games and then taste a couple of defeats in a row, it isn’t the end of the world either. Whilst promotion is the aim this season, we all need to buy into this as a long term project that Moore is undertaking. It’s almost a brand new squad. A lot of these guys haven’t played in this type of club before. We’ve tried the throwing money at it and put everything we have into one season route. It didn’t work. Promotion is, again, the aim. But it’s a difficult league and ups and downs are gonna be had. Not saying we all need to turn into happy clappers. But a bit of patience and support will go a long way this season I think.
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  19. Please forward your full CV to SWFC.
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  20. If David Hirst and Sean Bean had a lovechild.
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  21. Good management Clearly wasn’t working, swiftly dealt with Well done Moore
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  22. "This is what it's all about eh, the little stories. Darren Moore against his old club. These are the little backdrops which make games. Yes, it's the third division. But this is a big a drama as anything in the Premier." "Really, Sir?" "Oh yes. Of course. Huge game, Rovers will be desperate to get one over on the manager. There's nothing like scorned fans, Stubbs! Moore walks out on the wife, as it were, for the more glamorous woman up the road." "The massive woman up the road?" "Don't ruin my analogy! Anyway, have you dug up any team news?" "Yes ,Sir. Wednesday are likely to field a similar eleven to the one which started last week, but there are a couple knocking on the door. Johnson for one of the wide spots, and of course Gregory and Kamberi, one of who must start ,as Paterson begins his recuperation period." "So many positives and players tussling for places!" "George Byers also..." "Do you know I'd forgotten all about him until Mrs Wanksill at the Nuns reminded me last night." "Sylla Sow.." "No, no, no! It's this sort of Alf Garnett style misogyny we need to put an end to, this is exactly the type of comment and laddish banter that stops this site being used by more women. You should be ashamed, I wouldn't stand in his way if Hargreaves banned you!" "Sylla Sow is the new Dutch forward" "Oh. Oh yes. I mean, I knew that. I knew that!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wednesday - V- Doncaster Rovers Hillsborough Kick Off : 3:00pm ---------------------------------- OWLS ----------------------------------- Darren Moore won't make any changes to his side in defence where the Owls have kept consecutive clean sheets. Lee Gregory has put himself in contention for a place in the squad with a midweek double for the stiffs against Manchester United. But it may still be too soon for the Sheffield born striker. Marvin Johnson didn't do any harm to his chances of a start after putting in one of the few crosses into the Charlton box last week during his substitute cameo. Florian Kamberi loooks set to start up front with Windass still out and Callum Paterson having to miss the game due to the guidelines regarding concussion injuries. Wolves livewire Theo Corbeanu looks set to make his bow on the right. ---------------------------------- ROVERS ----------------------------------- Donny will be without the services of Fejiri Okenabirhie for at least two months on account of a foot injury. Jordy Hiwula was ruled out earlier this month with an ankle injury. Ben Close and John Bostock have recovered from COVID-19 and were already part of the league fixture last week and cup fixture on Wednesday. Anthony Greaves earned a direct red card in the Cup fixture and is suspended for the game. Richie Wellens has kept his cards close to his chest. He may partner Omar Bogle up front in a 4-4-2 with Tiago Süer Barbaros Çukur. Or choose to match Wednesdays midfield three where he has highlighted Wednesdays 'power' and earmarked Barry Bannan as the best player in the division. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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  23. We HAVE to sign a new keeper or we're in BIG BIG trouble
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  24. 128k for those that can’t be done with the star stupid website.
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  25. Wednesday fans need to forget everything they know about supporting a football club after recent years, and learn how to enjoy a game or a season without any guilt and more importantly without feeling a need to start investigating straight after a match or between games trying to find reasons not to enjoy it Looking for players who might not have had a good game, looking for reasons to post why we might fail at some point, looking for something in the tactics that might falter occasionally - all examples of Wednesday fans not knowing how to simply enjoy their football club Come on… let’s actually enjoy a season without all this self punishment and finding ways to look for faults Next time you think about starting a thread looking for a negative, looking for a player that you think isn't playing amazingly well, or looking for something in the tactics that means we might fail - don't. Instead post something positive
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  26. Can't pay, we'll take it away.
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  27. Hi there, I attended the evening and I must say it was a great event. Any questions on the event I would be happy to answer on what Moore said (I am sure others who went will do the same). Said the chairman and him speak every day and that Chansiri has backed him significantly with the signings. Moore said Chansiri hopes to attend the Doncaster game. He also said one player that we have signed, was pinched from under the noses of a Championship club. Said player had attended a medical and was in club ready to sign a contract, only to change his mind at last minute and come to us. Just some key parts from an insightful evening
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  28. So, Chris - how many goals have United's plucky little £60m strike-force managed to score in their first four games of the season?
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  29. This is quite an incredible achievement considering how it’s been in recent years with a standoff between the chairman and the former box holders Someone at the club has done a top job here and must have been giving assurances that the prices will be more realistic and the chairman won’t be in the picture It will have took some real work to get these sold Well done SWFC and the team responsible this is brilliant
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  30. Pity he didn't rise to the last big challenge that he had
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  31. Upgrade on both Wildsmith and Dawson so happy with that
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  32. Attached are some photos I took in the 70's and 80's which might (!) be of interest. The four lads are at Plymouth Argyle in, I think 1978, Rodger Wylde scored, again I think. I'm the one showing the t shirt which I got from a shop at the top of the Moor (Sexy Rexy??). The neon sign is about 1972. The two little lads with the caps concentrating on the game are on the front row of the North stand. The one with the West Stand is the first game back in the First Division against Forest (3-1) The final one I'm not sure about but I'm not in my usual place, it's taken from the North stand. I think it's the first game after the League Cup win as I went there to take cine film of the Cup being paraded. Hope someone might be slightly interested!
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  33. "So. Rotherham." "Rotherham, Sir. "Yes." "Yes, Sir" "I mean, the thing is, I mean to say. " "Sir? "Do we have to go? "It's only down the road,Sir" "Yes. I know, but it seems like a different world. A world...a world that time forgot. Pre-historic even. It's no place for people like us!" "Prehistoric? A bit of an exaggeration, sir. It's not as if they have square wheels." "Have you seen their striker, the Smith boy? He's got a square head!" "He's from Wallsend though ,Sir. Not Rotherham. " "Don't try and soften the truth. You're like one of those spin Doctors! Now, look, do we really have to go? I mean. Who'll know if we don't?" "You know the rule ,Sir. If you don't watch the game you have to ring Praise or Grumble and slate the performance you haven't seen. Those are the rules. They're quite clear." "Fine! We'll go then. But if I get mugged, damaged, who knows what, then I'll hold you personally responsible!" "Fear not Sir. I have managed to acquire us a pair of excellent disguises." "Really?" "Really,Sir. No one will have a single clue who we are. We'll fit in and have safe passage in and out with no bother at all." "Well why didn't you just say so before! Pass me my outfit ... ta... here, hang on, how come you get a moustache and I don't?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rotherham United - V - Wednesday ROTHERHAM For the Millers, Freddie Ladapo returned to training this week after the forward had been feeling unwell with tonsilitis, and Warne has confirmed that he is set to be involved on Saturday, although that could be from the bench. However, Rotherham have Smith available to lead the line and after finding the back of the net against Morecambe, he will have plenty of confidence heading into the weekend. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEDNESDAY The Owls have been undefeated so far in the league, which has placed them in fourth with seven points, and as one of the favourites to be involved in the battle for promotion, that is expected by the fans. Defensively, Wednesday have been very impressive, having not conceded a goal all season, including the defeat to the Terriers which went to penalties following a goalless draw. Darren Moore has option for the right wing spot in the shape of Dennis Adeniran, Marvin Johnson and Theo Corbeanu - after the surprising departure of Andre Green to Bratislava. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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