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  2. We'll always love you Sammy. Our own sweet and sexy Sammy.
  3. I don't want anything to do with the footballing elite for us now. I am more than happy watching us in L1 and the Championship where things are (only slightly) more normal. In the last decade or two football has gone fully down the u-bend.
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  5. The Burnley thing is down to money. That deal they did stinks. And Dyche knew it.
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  7. But was substituted after an hour and the next game he was only a sub.
  8. The problem with kebabs , at football grounds is the amount of preparation and the huge.amoumt of potential waste. You have only got 30 mins before the game and half time to sell them. You can't save salad and a doner roll until the next game. So the kebab would have to be pre packaged which I think reduces its quality. There's also an amount of skill in putting together a kebab our catering staff are young kids who are going to leave, whose going to constantly train the new recruits. When you scratch under the surface.The numbers don't add up.
  9. You really, really, really think that? No game plan? You could say you disagree with his game plan or whatever, but saying he doesn't have a game plan ...that's just false.
  10. I hate booing. I understand it sometimes, games aren't cheap and football in general can be infuriating. But I always resist because what's the point of demoralising the players?
  11. If true PSG should sack him. Then he can go and earn his crust back home in Senegal or Qatar.
  12. Why would it be a “no brainier” to take a player who played for us 4 seasons ago in an average team that conceded 62 goals who has subsequently only played 21 times?
  13. Alfie May could equally be a one season wonder so given he is at Cheltenham and probably on a short term contract I don’t think he will go for a big fee or one that we would need to sell to afford. I think there is a bit of a dearth of obvious quality striking options and we may just go for a younger player on loan.
  14. Maybe? Only one I wished I'd bothered going to was about 5 years ago. Suggs was filming some WW2 history programme nearby and he turned and had a walk around.
  15. A lot of hot air being spouted at the moment with genuine intent to acquire but as usual we still await the Cash on the table ! Where do we want to be on this one ?
  16. People turning their noses up at Hector Dream on Unless I am missing something?? Has he had pins in his legs that have not been removed yet ? That shouldn’t stop us though
  17. Yeah, I was reading an Athletic article and they were saying the players needed a new voice. Sounds like it has all has collapsed like a house of cards.
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