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  3. He needs to come to terms with the level we’re now at as do the players, it’s more physical and the refs will let more go. If he doesn’t change his ways then he may as well go now otherwise we’ll still be playing it our from the back in 5 years time listening to the same b@llocks excuses week in week out wondering why we’re still in L1.
  4. Decent at bringing players through the door But does he have any idea how to put them together? Looking at the comments from Donny & WBA fans, it doesn’t bode well tbh
  5. Indeed. And they have certainly kicked on since he left.....
  6. Maybe Pep just isn't that bright when it's away from the training field, he doesn't seem to be understanding some simple concepts.
  7. I haven't been this season due to other priorities but from what I understand everything still has to go through Bannan. That makes us predictable, same problem we've had for a couple of years. That said, Moore needs this full season. We all know that we'll supported clubs can't take take promotion from league one with a pinch of salt. I was nervous when lots were getting excited, thinking it was our best start for years. It was actually only our best start since 2 years ago under Monk and I'm sure we all remembered how that ended. A very big nose dive taking us from 3rd at Christmas to just about avoiding relegation.
  8. I think the very minimum Chansiri is expecting is top 6 given the level of backing he has given Moore. I would surmise that if we are off the pace come Christmas Moore will be no Moore.
  9. I’m just glad we got relegated so that we can embarrass ourselves against the likes of Morecombe instead of having to take on powerhouses such as Luton and Coventry.
  10. Question: Do people honestly think Bannan would be taking so much responsibility if his teammates were capable of producing similar results?
  11. What was wrong with Jaden Brown yesterday, was he injured or something? Failing that, we had a natural left footer sat on the bench who didn’t even manage to get on the pitch. I can appreciate taking Shodipo off if he was struggling with his fitness, but to throw Kamberi on expect him to play the same role was bizarre. It was crying out for width, but thanks to Moore we managed to make the pitch as narrow as possible and therefore playing straight into Shrewsbury’s hands.
  12. My old man, who is usually so supportive and never gets on the teams back, actually said the same thing yesterday. He’s capable of a decent showing here and there, but his Wednesday roots certainly do cloud a lot of judgements
  13. This is spot on and echos my exact thoughts
  14. If you’d care to cool your boiling head you’ll notice I didn’t criticise the original post. I asked (tongue in cheek) for the neg button back or a place to store negative posts. Would you say the original post was positive? I don’t need to judge Moore on this season as we have only played 9 games with a squad containing 13 new players after last seasons turmoil. I’ve previously stated I don’t believe we’ll achieve promotion this season. I think we’ll be mid table and I’m fine with that as long as we don’t suffer anymore DC inflicted torture. I see Derby, Bolton, Bury et al and think, there but for the grace of God…
  15. The thing is, it’s an incredibly poor league, but we just haven’t looked like we can be bothered to capitalise on it so far
  16. If you look at this league, there shouldn't be too much to worry about on paper. Even Sunderland, as always the massive favourites, look flakey. With this group of players, we really should be challenging for a top 6 spot in my opinion. It's still very early days.
  17. Hope not too long, both Wigan and Sunderland are getting a good run together, points gap gets bigger if we're aiming for automatic
  18. Same here, I doubt it would work, I'm certain we would be wanting him back after one game never mind six. We should be counting ourselves very lucky that we've still got him at this level.
  19. Was a passenger all the way through wasn’t he. CB or not in the team, it’s that simple. Moore obviously thought we got overran in midfield against Plymouth (which we did) so tried to beef it up by putting a DM in there. But this was Shrewsbury at home, and wasn’t needed Moore got it tactically wrong yesterday
  20. Some generous scores there. We were playing Shrewsbury not Man City. In the bottom 4 of L1 and scored just 3 in 7 games before yesterday. If we’d have battered them and drawn fair enough but we didn’t.
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