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  2. I think he's slow timing the refunds because of the lack of finance And there's not a prayer of 15 pounds maximum
  3. Not sure if already posted.
  4. It’s the hope that keeps you going, Premier league in two years
  5. Wonder if we will bring all the new players in on transfer deadline day
  6. I take it you've never had a Philadelphia and marmite sandwich.
  7. I didn't know Jambler but like the above poster the world has lost a good lad RIP
  8. I also didn't realise how much I'd spoken with him and have a similar 'C uunt' message, quickly followed up by an apology when he remembered I was a 'lady'.
  9. I hope no one minds me posting this, it's just a snippet from one of the hundreds of conversations we had It shows to me the type of man James was He had his issues but he was always there for anyone who wanted a chat In James own words "I see it as I'm feeling shiit, but if I can make one person laugh a day, then it's a positive" Lovely, lovely man
  10. There's nothing like a clean slate to write a whole new chapter. I'm with you, Markowski77, on this one. Start a whole new revival, out with the old and all that. UTO.
  11. £400k a week Bales’ face when £30k a week Alioski keep bombing past him. Track back my ares.
  12. When Tony Kay was sold to Everton and then Swan was banned I remember saying to my Dad, l’m never going to Hillsborough again, my two favourite players have gone. Needless to say my determination lasted almost a week til the next home match. The first of my many disappointments supporting the Owls.
  13. I think most of Asia will be no go until we’ll into next year.
  14. West Ham weren’t moaning when Fergie put out a weak team v West Ham and relegated Sheffield United
  15. I say keep him,take a pay cut Jordan,and prove a point..smash 30 in........ To do this tho he'd have to be played every game,with maybe a big lump up front with him..... If he'd have started more games this season along with Westwood we'd have stayed up .Its that simple..... UTO
  16. Today
  17. Can you imagine Cowleys Zoom interview? Atty, so great to meet you guys , really admired your work at Boston. Brothers, err Boston in Lincolnshire but we are at Lincoln City. The Kid, err , ok anyway who should i buy for my fantasy team to replace Rhodes who I spent £18 million on, Kane or Kun? Brothers, err, we ll call you. Good luck.
  18. Sounded like a great lad,with all the comments... RIP Jam.....
  19. Flitting between Borderlands 3, Cyberpunk and Assassins creed Valhalla at the minute Finding Borderlands pretty frustrating as ammo seems to be pretty scarce. Also weirdly enough I’m experiencing more bugs with AC Valhalla than Cyberpunk which is still running really well
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