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  2. You would have to hope so. Makes 0 sense having 8 loans.
  3. Just wish we would sign a few players whose name I could spel or pronounce...John Jules Sgnis ffs... Bring back newyou
  4. Awful result but one of the best games I’ve been to in terms of entertainment value, in hindsight. 4-4 Huddersfield another one you only appreciate in hindsight.
  5. Would prefer this to Beevers. Not that I was against Beevers either mind. Clearly wanting another voice and some experience at the back. Dean’s a nasty fecker and I think we need that.
  6. surely if we can we have to send the likes of Shodipo, Gibson, Wing back.
  7. Another loan?! 3 wasted wages every single week.
  8. More likely to sign his mother Nelly
  9. If dc still interested/not skint the embargo finishes end of this season so we might be in a position to do deals like this
  10. Be careful if you search for Harlee Dean on social media
  11. 18 months left on his deal so would be another loan. Be nice if it was was a view to a permanent in the summer.
  12. I agree with what you are saying we need but,I also think we need some pace up front and addition to our forwards,the chances we miss,the slowness up front is sometimes laughable our final 3rd is letting us down.Last 2 games we could/should have been game over by half time.This then puts more and more pressure on the make shift defence when you see chances missed.. I say good luck to the lad and get him straight in with Windass and let's move teams around... UTO
  13. Linked with Harlee Dean Birmingham City CB started the season as their captain Bowyer don't want him anymore.
  14. I agree..........Christ what a miserable bunch we are
  15. I think adelphi 1867 is clearly right when arguing that there are no guarantees with a new manager, whatever their past success or lack of it. But if you look at four of our best managers imo over the last 40+ years, Big Jack, Sgt Wilko, Big Ron and Paul Sturrock they had all won something elsewhere previously. Whereas Burtenshaw, Turner, Irvine and Moore have not.
  16. Watford employ Woy ffs. Bet he was just getting comfy in his Shackleton, with a mug of tea & a bourbon when he got the call. He was a has-been for England 6 years ago & has nothing to offer the modern game imo.
  17. Surely he’s on phone to QPR asking to get out of here once he’s fit
  18. Fingers crossed it'll work out, and we might even end up with Dwayne Dibley at left back.
  19. I'm reading through the thread, nine posts above yours and there isn't a single bad post about the lad ? Have some been deleted ? ( edit .... seen the other thread ) I certainly wish the lad well. UTO.
  20. Let’s give this young striker a chance. I expect him to start as a holding midfielder on Saturday.
  21. I'm suprised you had to Google it, it's in our DNA. to form in a line while waiting (often followed by up).
  22. Said yesterday, Arsenal must think there's a player in there. And you must have something about you to still be there. Sometimes we expect to much from youngsters from other clubs.
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